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19 January 2017 @ 07:38 pm
A few thoughts...  
I’ve been thinking lately about the first presidential election where I was able to vote. I remember being a little disappointed in 2004 that I couldn’t participate since my 18th birthday was still two months away. I don’t know how I would have voted that year, though. I don’t know if it was because I was still young or just my own feelings on the candidates, but I didn’t have a horse in that race. I’m glad to know that my first vote for president in 2008 was cast with confidence.

I had to vote by absentee ballot since I was in my fourth year of college and living in an apartment on campus, but as I filled in my ballot, I still felt a sense that I was doing something important. While it’s true that Barack Obama was our first African American president, I believed in him as a candidate and as a president. I may not have agreed with every move, but I could see this was a man who cared about the citizens of America.

It’s been difficult to find a job in my area. While I’ve been searching and taking on entry level type jobs, though, the Affordable Care Act was passed, and I was able to see a doctor and get medication to curb my anxiety and make my day to day life less stressful. In beginning to take control of my mental health, I feel empowered, and I feel like I have President Obama to thank for that.

I don’t know what the next four years will bring. I fear losing my health insurance. I worry about the kids I work with every day. What are they thinking? How are they feeling? I wish we could all be a little kinder to each other and listen to each other. I’m not talking both sides; I’m talking all sides. We are more than just Democrats and Republicans. I hope that in the coming days, weeks, months, we remember that. Because every citizen matters, and we must take that to heart.